Friday, January 09, 2009

Wolverine and the X-Men trailer

I missed this trailer when it first came out. It still doesn't make me exactly excited to watch the cartoon, but it also doesn't suggest that the show will suck either.

In other words, I think it'll be a pretty good take on the X-Men (and it seems to feature Rogue pretty prominently); I'm just tired enough of the X-Men that it'll take a lot right now to get me pumped for them. I'm even pretty lackadaisical about Wolverine: Origin and I love Hugh Jackman in that role.


houseofduck said...

I have seen the first dozen episodes and it is probably my favorite of all the xmen cartoons so far. Not that that really means a lot.

Michael May said...

Gah! It's already started? I've been missing it.

TiVo, here I come.


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