Thursday, January 15, 2009

Update: Amazon Women and the Nazi Gold

You may remember that I've contributed a jungle girl story called "Amazon Women and the Nazi Gold" to an anthology called When Drive-Ins Attack!. Jess Hickman was originally going to do the art for it, but she had to bow out in order to concentrate on Oddly Normal. I was sorry not to get to work with Jess on it, but fortunately we found a talented artist named Earl Geier to work with.

Anyway, Drive-Ins editor Rich Stahnke says on his blog that all the art for the book is complete and it's currently being lettered. Rich produces comics under the Tin Star Studios label, but he's actually going to ship this book around to some publishers. Keeping my fingers crossed that it gets picked up. I haven't seen the completed art on it yet, but I'm pretty proud of the script I turned in.

In lieu of jungle art from "Amazon Women" though, how about a cover from Detective Comics showing the Batmobile getting clobbered by a jungle-man riding a rhino?

I thought that might be okay too. (Thanks to Golden Age Comic Book Stories for the image.)

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