Saturday, January 24, 2009

Run, You Stupid Fools! Run!


By Craig Harris, who's just gone onto the blog roll. Wow! He's got some Black Canary and undersea stuff there too, so he's instantly awesome.

"The Lost Kingdom of Athala"

By Wally Wood. Golden Age Comic Book Stories has the whole tale (it's the second of three in the link).

"The Terrible Treasure"

Rulah was even more cheesecakey than the usual jungle girl (not that there's anything wrong with that), but in this story she fights pirates and beats up a pack of wolves with another wolf! The Comic Book Catacombs has the full story in two parts.


Craig said...

Whoa ...great blog man!! This is my favorite kind of stuff. Love the old comics. If you can find the Alex Toth Black Canary story, its the best drawn Canary ever. Fun story too.

Thanks for the add, yours is definitely making in my top 10.


Michael May said...

Thanks, Craig! I've got the Black Canary Archives with that Alex Toth story in it. You're absolutely right!


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