Saturday, January 24, 2009

Quotes of the Week: No Frakkin' Clue Edition

I can't believe I didn't find anything worth quoting last week, but people sure made up for it this time. (Or maybe I was just paying better attention.)

It wouldn't be Quote of the Week without something from Neil Gaiman, so let's start off with that.
Only rarely does Tatar note the blindingly obvious. When the heroine of ''The Singing Soaring Lark'' (the Grimms' ''Beauty and the Beast'') sits down and cries, we're told that characters often cry when things are going badly: ''The weeping is emblematic of the grief and sadness they feel, and it gives the character an opportunity to pause before moving on to a new phase of action.'' Well, quite.
--Neil Gaiman, citing one negative thing in an otherwise glowing review of The Annotated Brothers Grimm.

Being at a convention trying to get people to buy your work is one of the most depressing experiences in the world. It combines the humiliation of working at a shitty retail job with the added bonus of personal rejection and without even the minimum wage pay.
--Alex Robinson, describing the joys of attending a convention as a creator. (I should note that while I think that Robinson is hilarious and has an excellent point, I still have a blast at every convention I attend as a creator. Then again, you also have to factor in that I'm not trying to make a living off this stuff.)

Is the robot Tyrannosaurus Rex in the Batcave going to win the "Battle of the Cowl" and get to be the new Batman? Man, no one will ever see that twist coming!
--Caleb Mozzocco, describing the one scenario that would get me interested in DC's upcoming Batman event. (You should click through, by the way, and check out Caleb's vision of what Batosaurus Rex would look like in costume. Genius!)

Kevin James illustrates how lighting and camera angles can affect our perception of an actor. In the early scenes, he's a fat schlub, but after he goes into action, the camera lowers subtly, the lighting changes, and suddenly he's a good-looking action hero, ready for business. He demonstrates what fat men have been secretly believing for a long time.
--Roger Ebert, getting both Paul Blart: Mall Cop and fat guys right.

...Ms. Robot and I were filled with delight during last Friday's Battlestar Galactica ... when Kentucky Fried Chicken appeared to announce its new "Frak Pak." I'm assuming even you non-BSG watchers know the joke, but for the few of you who don't, it's that "frak" just means "fuck," allowing the BSG cast to curse on air. And thus, KFC is offering a "Fuck Pak." This is awesome beyond words.
--Topless Robot, being Topless Robot.

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