Sunday, January 25, 2009

Music Meme: 1977

Continuing my list of favorite albums from every year I've been alive.


Meco: Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk

There was only one thing I was truly concerned about as a ten-year-old in 1977. I think we had the Star Wars soundtrack too, but the disco versions of the Star Wars theme, the cantina song, and the Close Encounters of the Third Kind theme got way more play at our house than the John Williams versions.

Star Wars (doesn't really get going until around 1:25)

Close Encounters


Christopher Mills said...

I have this. And I still listen to it.

Absolutely adore that cover art.

Michael May said...

I know. I could've (should've?) done a Gallery post featuring it.

Anonymous said...

I was 11 yrs old at the time and couldn't get enough of this album.
I forgot about this.What memories.


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