Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs

My first column for the new Robot 6 blog is now up and ready for reading. The name of the weekly feature is "Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs" and it's going to be all about fun adventure comics. The stuff that falls between art comix and the serious, event-heavy superhero stuff. I couldn't be more stoked about it. It's exactly the kind of thing I usually talk about here, so if you're one of the ten people who likes this blog, I think you'll like GRD as well. Like Robot 6 needs the hits I'm sending them.

I'm loving the new blog, by the way. Everything from the robot motif to the color scheme to the general feeling of giddiness that the contributors are feeling right now. It's a fun place to be.

It seems to be pretty well received too. We've been getting a lot of attention this week and I've loved reading all the posts welcoming us back. I think my favorite though has to be this one from ComicMix explaining what happened to Robots 1-5.
Robot 1 sank into the swamp.

Robot 2 sank into the swamp.

Robot 3 burned down, fell over, then sank into the swamp.
You get the idea.

Anyway, I'll be posting there at least twice a week. Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs will be on Wednesdays; Thursdays are my days to contribute to a group feature called Robot Reviews (hopefully that second link will eventually work; there aren't any tags in that category as I'm writing this, so I'm guessing at the URL). I'll also be contributing nonsense to occasional roundtable pieces like these two: Our Favorite Comics of 2008 and What Are You Reading?.

So, lots of Michael May going on at Robot 6. I hope you'll visit a bunch and comment when you do. It's going to be a blast.


houseofduck said...

Man I am psyched about the new blog! Not that there is anything wrong with this blog but come on... Its CBR so many more minds to sway to the comics we like!!!

Michael May said...


houseofduck said...

and hey, you got a nod over on the beat!

Michael May said...

Sweet! Thanks! I hadn't seen that.

Christopher Mills said...

For years, I've tried to sell my adventure titles to independent publishers. Generally, I was told that my ideas were too "independent" (i.e. creator-owned) for the mainstream publishers and too mainstream (i.e. were adventure stories) for the indy publishers.

They're still a hard sell, but at least there are some publishers out there now willing to put this kind of stuff out. Just wish they sold better. :)

Michael May said...

I wish they did too. I'm optimistic that they will, but it sucks that it's such a hard road right now. The culture seems to be changing though so that readers are more open to adventure stories that don't feature the same corporate-owned characters over and over again.

As long as the independent stories are quality, obviously. For too long, independent adventure comics were mostly self-published and with no real editorial oversight you took your chances buying them. I think a lot of readers still have that perception, which is one of the things I hope my column can help change. Nowadays we've got folks like Ape and Red 5 building entire brands on indy adventure comics, which is so awesome.

When I'm a little more comfortable in the new digs, if you're interested we should get a couple more creators (publishers? retailers too?) and do a roundtable to try to get our arms around the state of this part of the industry. Would you be into that?


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