Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Girl Power!

Wonder Woman and Feminism

Jacki Zehner is a Huffington Post contributor who frequently comments on women's leadership and success in the workplace. She's also a Wonder Woman fan.

In a recent post, Zehner talks about the relationship between Wonder Woman and the feminist movement:

...I gave a speech a few weeks ago to a group of 200 women with a WonderWoman T-shirt on calling for a revolution. Calling for women to reclaim the word Feminism! Calling for women and men to work together to create a more just and equitable world for everyone.

...I reached out to the editor of Ms. Magazine last week after meeting with Sara Gould of the Ms. Foundation to ask her to think about re-releasing [the magazine's first issue with a Wonder Woman cover] as a special edition in its original form because the stories read as true today. (scary...) You might also know that I am deeply, deeply, frustrated with the lack of progress we, as women, have made in this country.
She then links to this inspiring article by Daily Beast contributor Amy Siskind lamenting over the current state of feminism in this country and calling for a revival that includes more than just "liberal Democratic women who (are) pro-choice."

No all-ages Wonder Woman comic for you!

Darwyn Cooke says, "This year J. Bone and myself pitched an all-ages Wonder Woman book aimed at young female readers. In other words, I wanted to give [DC Comics] at least 12 issues of a Wonder Woman book that any parent could give their child. They couldn’t have been less interested."

C'mon, DC!

Wonder Woman Gallery

By Matthew Humphries.

By Beatriz Iglesias.

By Victoria Ying.

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