Saturday, January 24, 2009

Alpha Flight on Free Comic Book Day?

I missed this before, but speaking of Fred Van Lente, he teases in this chat that we'll get to see at least one member of Alpha Flight in the Free Comic Book Day origin issue of Wolverine.
taimur: So, with the FCBD Wolverine title officially released, safe to assume Alpha Flight will be in it.
Fred Van Lente: You KNOW there will be Alpha Flight on FCBD.
Fred Van Lente: The story takes place before Incredible Hulk #181.
Fred Van Lente: In fact, it’s about how James MacDonald Hudson arranges for Wolvie to get the anti-Wendigo mission in the first place.
Fred Van Lente: But is that the only Flight reference?
Fred Van Lente: Canucks and fellow travelers will have to wait ’til May to find out…

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