Sunday, December 21, 2008

Quotes of the Week: Namby Pamby Klaatu

Two quotes from last week made me chuckle:

...and the lesson of this story is that people should use "namby-pamby" and "varmints" in sentences whenever they can.

--Katie Cook, summarizing what she learned from a rat-catching expedition.

She discovers his purpose, takes him with her in her car, flees a federal dragnet, walks in the woods, introduces him to her brilliant scientist friend, lets him listen to a little Bach, tells him we can change if we're only given the chance, and expresses such love for Jacob that Klaatu is so moved, he looks on dispassionately.
--Roger Ebert, accurately describing the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still.


katie cook said...

katie FTW!

Michael May said...

Ha! Every day, Katie. :)

Siskoid said...

I saw no reason for TDTESS to have a remake. I have been vindicated.

Michael May said...

You have indeed. It's not horrible (Jennifer Connelly rescues it from that), but it's certainly not good.


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