Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jungle News: Jungle Girl 2 and a sucky new Tarzan flick

Jungle Girl 2

Of the three recent jungle girl revival comics that have been tried, Dynamite's Jungle Girl is the only one that I liked. Marvel's first Shanna the She-Devil series was pretty good, but overly gory and serious. The sequel improved on that some, but the art wasn't at all attractive. Devil's Due's Sheena comic didn't get that a jungle girl comic ought to be about a jungle girl. The first issue was boring, so I didn't go back for a second.

So, I'm excited that Dynamite's got a new Jungle Girl mini-series coming out. Calling it "Season Two" is misleading though. The first mini-series was only six issues long; hardly a "season." I barely understand the concept of comic book "seasons," but it seems to me that if you're going for a TV comparison, a season ought to include more than a single story arc.

Dynamite's publisher Nick Barrucci says that the new story will continue to feature the high adventure and comedy that made the first one successful, but will spin off into Lovecraftian horror as well. I'm all for mixing genres, so consider me intrigued.

Why the new Tarzan movie will suck

Stephen Sommers is directing it. That's not at all a fair trade-off for Guillermo del Toro.

Sommers is approaching the movie from a completely new direction instead of adapting a book, and I'm okay with that. I don't need to see yet another version of Jane's discovering Tarzan for the first time. What I'm not okay with is knowing that Sommers will use the cheapest CGI possible in lieu of actual animals or stunt people. I'm so disappointed.

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