Monday, September 22, 2008


I'm back from an awesome trip to Nashville. I'll try to say more about that in my LiveJournal, but it was very nice wedding, we did some great sight-seeing, and I got to see some old friends whom I've kept in contact with online, but haven't seen in about five years.

No resting though. I've got an essay on Lancelot for an anthology that's in need of a last polish and past deadline. And the Midwest Comic Book Association's FallCon is coming up awfully fast. October 4th and 5th, to be precise.

Jason Copland's flying down for it and we'll be showing sneak peaks of the revised Kill All Monsters. That should be reason enough to come, but the MCBA is going nuts this year for FallCon's 20th anniversary.

Guests include Norm Breyfogle, Howard Chaykin, José García-López, Pat Gleason, Gene Ha, Phil Hester, Josh Howard, Adam Hughes, Dan Jurgens, Doug Mahnke, Dwayne McDuffie, John Ostrander, Don Rosa, and Herb Trimpe.

There are plenty of other creators I'm looking forward to seeing again or meeting too. Folks like Cori Doerrfeld, Otis Frampton, Sam Hiti, Rich Koslowski, Tyler Page, Martin Powell, Andrew Ritchie, Brent Schoonover, Barb Schultz, and Allison Sohn.

And of course my usual convention pals and cohorts Jess Hickman, Grant Gould, Darla Ecklund, Katie Cook, Paul Taylor, Charles Pechonick, Corbett Vanoni, and Alex Ness will be there too. (For some reason, I'm not in alphabetical order on the Guest List, in case you go looking for me. I'm at the very bottom, which I'm assuming is some sort of honor, sort of like, "And starring Michael May as Gen. Washington." Don't spoil my fantasy.)

The MCBA is also passing out sketch cards with original art by past and present guests; big names as well as up-and-comers. There's also going to be a wedding and who knows what else. Like I said, they've gone insane. Crazy enough to petition the City of Saint Paul to Proclaim the first day of FallCon as Midwest Comic Book Association Day. And the City, apparently, was cool enough to grant it.

So please come out. It's going to be a fantastic event and an awesome time.


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