Thursday, September 25, 2008

Blog like a pirate

Yoicks! And away!

Yeah, yeah, that title's a Robin Hood joke. It's still what I thought of when I saw this cool picture by Emily Tetri.

Pirate Style

If you leave right now, you can just make the lecture on the history of pirate fashion at The Franklin Institute.

Build yer own pirate cannon

Instructables shows you how.

Have a pirate vacation

Avast Me Hearties tells you how.

Seriously, I've been wanting to visit Ocracoke on vacation for a few years now and this post points out some other cool Eastern Seaboard pirate locales to add to the tour. I've been to Williamsburg (where Blackbeard's crew was tried and executed), but I can't believe I grew up in Florida and never once visited Saint Augustine.

The joke that never gets old

See also: "What movies do pirates like best?" (Ones that are rated "Arrrr.") and "What's a pirate's favorite restaraunt?" (Arrrrbies.) Gimme your best ones in the comments.

Blackbeard: The Musical

I don't think that Captain Teach would approve.

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Pirate Galaxy said...

I want that cannon :D Wow, if only my father would be a smith! ;9


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