Saturday, July 26, 2008

Awesome List: Primeval, boardgames, giant monsters and robots, spacemen, BSG, and Star Wars


Dinosaurs invade the modern world. Coming soon to BBCAmerica.


Axis and Allies, if there had been giant robots and other alien tech available during WWII.

Speaking of boardgames...

Topless Robot rates the five best and worst boardgames based on movies. They forgot Star Wars: Escape from the Death Star though. Definitely should've been in the Best list.


Rick Remender and Eric Nguyen are coming out with a comic about giant robots, monsters, and consumer culture.

More giant robots vs. giant monsters

Robert Hood's got the dope on G. It features one of the coolest giant robot designs I've ever seen. And a giant monster using a couple of train cars as nunchuks.

Additional Laws of Robotics

Something Awful has discovered 27 more, less-famous Laws that Asimov came up with. Like this one:
23. A robot must shut up around girls and let me, Isaac Asimov, do the talking; however, a robot may bail me out if things start to go haywire.
Pulp Sci Fi work safety posters

I wish my work was cool enough to hang these around.

Buck Rogers Doll

It's a great-looking doll. I just don't know if it's $175 worth of great-looking.

Caprica trailer

Eric Stoltz almost makes me want to watch the otherwise lame-looking soap opera Caprica. Think I'll just pop in Some Kind of Wonderful again instead.

And as long as we're talking about Battlestar Galactica spin-offs I'm not interested in

TokyoPop's got a BSG manga anthology coming out.

Okay, back to the Awesome...

Whatever eFx Collectibles is asking for this Ralph McQuarrie version Vader helmet, it'll be worth it.

You baked that? You're braver than I thought.

I'm hungry now.


houseofduck said...

Have you seen any of Primeval yet? I think it is a great show! I have really enjoyed the first two seasons... Still wondering if there is going to be a third.

Michael May said...

I haven't seen it. Is it on DVD?


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