Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Thanks, Siskoid!

Siskoid's Blog of Geekery is one of my favorite places on the Internet, so it was a very cool honor to be chosen as his "Someone Else's Post for the Week" a week or so ago. It made me realize though that I really needed a different banner for my blog than "Blogger Generic."

When I shame-facedly admitted that to Siskoid, he proved his awesomeness further by volunteering to make me a new banner. Which you now see at the top of the page there. Indy, flying saucers, and dinosaurs. Everything a growing boy needs. I decided the rest of the blog needed a new look to go with it, so I'm trying out this seaside theme. For me, the ocean is adventure.

Thanks, Siskoid. Final Rating: HOT!


Siskoid said...

My pleasure. (I had a pirate ship in there at some point, but space was limited.)

They should really have some kind of geek theme on the main templates. Aren't there enough of us on blogspot??

Michael May said...

Ha! You'd think.

They should at least have a pirate theme.

chris said...

This blog would be worth reading if it was typed on lined-paper and copied at Kinko's.

Siskoid said...

Chris said it.

Michael May said...

You guys are Awesome. :D


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