Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Awesome List: Kong sequel, Crystal Skulls documentary, Thor casting, and more

Kong movie sequel

I haven't read it all the way through yet, but I've got Joe DeVito's book Kong: King of Skull Island. There was nothing really wrong with the book to make me put it down, but I was trying to read it directly after the disappointing prequel novel, King Kong: The Island of the Skull and the Thoroughly Awesome Peter Jackson movie. The prequel novel burned me out on anything that wasn't the movie and unfortunately, DeVito's book fell into that category.

Still, it's got pretty pictures and promised to be a cool story, so I'd like to get back to it if only I had the time. Markosia did a comics adaptation, but the art was disappointing, so I didn't buy it. Fortunately, there's going to be a movie. Hopefully, it'll be better than the previous attempts at movie sequels.

My two bits on the Thor casting rumor

Of course it's not news that Marvel would love to have Brad Pitt play Thor. I'm sure Marvel would love to have Brad Pitt play Batroc the Leaper if they could get him. What's important about this no-brainer is that it's made me realize that yes, someone like Brad Pitt would make a good Thor and that no, it doesn't have to be a no-acting muscle-man in the role.

Super hero movies rule right now because they're starring real actors and I'm confident that whoever they get to play Thor will be able to hold his own next to Robert Downey Jr., Ed Norton, and Samuel L. Jackson in the Avengers movie.

Mystery of the Crystal Skulls

The SciFi Channel's currently running a documentary on the crystal skulls legends. Gotta set my TiVo. Looks like the next showings are tomorrow at 4:00 PM and May 28 at 10:00 AM. I'm assuming those are Eastern Times.

The Terminator countdown clock marches on

The US military is building warbots that look like spiders. Do these people not watch movies?

Why I'm not at all excited to see the Star Wars: Clone Wars cartoon

Because Topless Robot is totally right that we don't need more Jabba and Tatooine stories. I think Lucas is as tired of Star Wars as I am. I saw the trailer before Speed Racer and I was actually bored. I never thought I'd say that about Star Wars.

Eli Stone and The Unit renewed

This may fall under the category of Stuff Nobody Cares About But Me, but it makes me very happy that both Eli Stone (Yay, Sydney's Dad!) and The Unit (Yay, Dreamy Noel!) have been renewed for next season.

Seriously? Victor Garber is probably my favorite actor right now. He's "sinnnnfully delicious." (My undying love to you if you get that reference.) And it occurs to me that his daughter on Alias used to be married to Dreamy Noel, so... small world.

Welcome to Your World, Baby

Cute, pink, children's books are something else that I don't often talk about here, but it's Truly Awesome that Cori Doerrfeld - one of my favorite visual artists - is illustrating a cute, pink, children's book for Brooke Shields. Cori and her husband Tyler Page are two people I always look forward to seeing at conventions and getting new stuff from.

Speaking of conventions

Here's a picture Jess Hickman took of me and Sam Hiti jawing before MicroCon while Grant Gould is hard at work.

The Book of Lies

Brad Meltzer's new book
will feature the search for two murder weapons: the gun that killed the father of Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel, and the item that Cain used to kill Abel. Sounds very, very cool.

Indiana Jones makes everything better, ad infinitum

Fast food.

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Hey, *I* care about The Unit! I'm glad to see it renewed.


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