Monday, February 11, 2008

YouTube du Jour: Wonder Woman vs. Rubber Band Man

Lynda Carter on The Muppet Show. What more do you need to know?


Anonymous said...

I was so young when Wonder Woman aired, I didn't even know what Nazis were. I would just sit there and stare at Lynda Carter.

Then there was that classic episode where the Nazis enslaved Paradise Island- all because they managed to get everyone's bracelets. I remember trying to figure out some way to do the same, so that Wonder Woman would be mine.

So yeah, Lynda Carter pretty much screwed me up for life, and I gladly thank her for it.

(The episode with that brain trying to steal somebody's body freaked me out pretty bad, though.)

Michael May said...

Ha! That's an awesome story.

I have so many great memories of watching Wonder Woman as a kid. Some of them are still intact after re-watching the series as an adult, but the ruined ones are all thanks to Lyle Waggoner, not Lynda Carter. :)


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