Thursday, February 14, 2008

Do you have time for a cute kid story?

What if it's dinosaur-related?

My son's Kindergarten teacher has obviously been teaching the class about Martin Luther King, Jr. He came home yesterday with a poster he'd made with a silhouette of himself and his own "I Have a Dream" statement printed at the bottom. My first thought was that it was pretty bold of the teacher to compare Kindergarten kids to MLK. But my second -- and lasting -- thought is that it's very cool that she's not only exposing them to King's dream, but also encourging them to form and communicate dreams of their own.

David may have gotten the point better than the kid who said, "I have a dream of a new video game," but not as well as his immigrant classmate who dreams of a world without hunger.

David's response is completely David though: "I have a dream that birds and lizards stay dinosaurs forever and carnivores didn't eat herbivores."

Preach it, Son.


Lisa said...

Awww cute! Mine keeps pronouncing one particular dinosaur "keradactyl."

Michael May said...

They are so awesome. David's a complete dinosaur nerd. He's impossible to play 20 Questions with because he's always thinking of Ambulocerolophus or some such thing.


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