Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Awesome List: Jungle Girls and Giant Apes, new Star Wars movie, Doctor Who, Hellboy, Lost news, Jericho comics, Terminator stuff, and more

Kala & Go–Go

I can't tell much about 5-Color Comics from their website, MySpace page, or even their mention in Rich Johnston's column, but I'm pretty sure that all I need to know is in that picture right there. Also, some damn fine comics creators are involved.

I'm going to start reading Iron Man comics

People keep telling me that before he was Marvel's greatest villain, Iron Man was the star of a pretty cool spy comic. I'm on the verge of checking that out for myself, but in the meantime, Matt Fraction's taking a stab at the character and I know he can write an awesome spy story.

Clone Wars cartoon to hit theaters before TV

And here's the trailer.

Doctor Who is Destro

The G.I. Joe movie just got a lot more interesting.

Speaking of Doctor Who

I was just wondering what Pia Guerra's next project after Y: The Last Man would be. I could hug IDW's Editor in Chief Chris Ryall right now.

Cavegirls in Fur Bikinis

The name pretty much speaks for itself, really.

Hellboy stuff

PVC characters, a mug, and action figures.

Lost plans

Carlton Cuse talks about how the rest of the season will go now that the strike's over:

"Damon [Lindelof] and I are going to try to make five more episodes before the end of May, which is ambitious. But we've found ourselves in a situation where we had eight episodes of story planned, and we're going to try to fit that into five hours of the show. Even though it's going to be very hard to execute, we felt like any less would be doing a disservice to the story we had planned. We really want to give the fans the best possible experience and ending... to Season 4."

Much, much more at the link.

Also, those five episodes will air after new episodes of Grey's Anatomy, meaning that ABC now totally owns Thursday night.

Jericho graphic novel

I must be living right or something.

Terminator 4

I've been ignoring news about new Terminator movies, because frankly I lost interest in the franchise when Linda Hamilton stopped being part of it. But... I wanna check out The Sarah Conner Chronicles and before I watch my TiVoed episodes I want to rewatch the movies. I'm also going to finally see T3, which I've never seen before, but have been told is sort of necessary viewing before watching the TV show.

I say all that to say that now that I'm immersing myself in that world again, I'm interested in the new movie sequels, especially with Christian Bale playing John Conner in them.

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Jason said...

Michael, just a friendly FYI about The Sarah Connor Chronicles: it is actually not necessary for you to see T3, and in fact, I'd avoid it (lousy movie). TSCC takes place several years after the events of T2, so as long as you're familiar with that one, you ought to be fine.

For what it's worth, I've been pleasantly surprised with the show. There are a few missteps in the first couple of episodes, a little bit of cheez they probably could've done without, but generally pretty good. And I haven't missed Linda Hamilton one bit, again to my surprise...


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