Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Machine Gun Kelly Day, Tikify your space, and Wonder Woman's inspirational billboard

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Yesterday I liked to some speculation that Brad Pitt's Jesse James movie may have some problems. Today I have a link with a more positive outlook (you have to scroll down a bit), even predicting a Best Picture Oscar win. Which makes me think that the real problem is that some folks are hoping for Young Guns when the movie is probably more Legends of the Fall.

Not to leave "Machine Gun" Kelly out of things, today is the anniversary of both his birth (in 1895) and his death (in 1954). Happy Birthday, George. RIP.


I've been thinking about how I eventually want to decorate my office. Disney and More has the answer: tiki-fy it!


My buddy Joe forwarded to me a newsletter from Jasper Fforde, an author I'd never heard of, but really want to check out now. The "Thursday Next" series sounds bizarre and funny with titles like The Eyre Affair, Lost in a Good Book, The Well of Lost Plots, Something Rotten, and the latest one: First Among Sequels . According to the newsletter, "The latest Next adventure takes place fourteen years after Something Rotten ends, with Thursday running disbanded SpecOps divisions from behind the front of Swindon's Acme Carpets. Not only can you have Dickens, Werewolf and mammoth problems expertly dealt with, but you can also buy an exceptional woolen carpet at a discount price which includes underlay and fitting."

With so many books going on my To Read list, it's nice to be able to take one off every now and then. In Secret Service connects "mysteries concerning the abdication of King Edward VIII, WWII and the death of Princess Diana" all by way of a secret letter written by Ian Fleming. Sounds good, right? According to Bookgasm, not so much: "Though not incompetent, (author Mitch) Silver’s novel is an all-too-fractured mess and a jumble of ideas, with an action heroine as unappealing as she is unlikely." How disappointing.


I've been debating whether or not to review the latest issue of Wonder Woman (#10), but now I don't have to. Mad Thinker Scott's done it for me: "And the worst was that in the middle of a life-and-death fight, WW spots a billboard with the slogan 'Live life!' She thinks to herself how insipid the phrase is, but then apparently adopts it as her mission statement and has (a) transformative moment."


RC said...

Jesse James movie going all the way to best picture???

Now that I'd have to see to believe. It would need to wildly popular amongst the public and the critics for that to happen.

Michael May said...

True. It's way too early to be making those kinds of predictions.

I just thought it was an interesting prediction compared with the gloomy outlook I'd read the day before.


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