Thursday, July 26, 2007

August theatrical releases

I should mention that while the rest of the comics world is in San Diego this week, I'm not. I had to make a choice between SDCC and Chicago and I chose Chicago 'cause it's cheaper. I can get there by six, fun-filled hours with Grant, Jess, and Darla in a car instead of having to take a plane.

I should also mention that I'm on vacation next week. I don't know if the resort has Internet access. I suspect it does, but I'm not counting on it. So, I may go dark while I'm away or I may be here as usual. Stay tuned!

Just in case though, here are your August theatrical releases:

August 3

The Bourne Ultimatum: This is the series that gets the credit for giving us Casino Royale and making Bond cool again. No way I'm missing this.

Becoming Jane: One of my favorite mystery series is Stephanie Barron's Jane Austen mysteries, so I've learned a bit about her life that way and I'm interested in seeing it played out on film. Even if there aren't any gruesome murders and dashing rogues.

August 10

Stardust: Even though I love Neil Gaiman and Charles Vess, I've never read the story this is based on. It just keeps getting pushed down on my list of things to do. Which is exactly why they make movies out of books in the first place.

August 24

War: I'm not expecting much in the way of story, but Jason Statham vs. Jet Li sounds a formula for success.

Mr. Bean's Holiday: Dude. It's Mr. Bean.

August 31

Halloween: I'm not usually the first in line for horror-remakes, but Rob Zombie has my curiosity up for this one.

Balls of Fury: Oh my God, this looks funny.


West said...

I hadn't heard of "War" but what you said sounds like a good reason to check it out.

Bourne? Of course, I'm there.

Enjoy your vacation.

Michael May said...

Thanks! We just got back about an hour ago and it was very nice. I probably won't post a full report on the blog, but we had a great, relaxing time.


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