Thursday, November 30, 2006

Missed it by not at all

So, Warner Brothers is making a movie version of Get Smart. I never watched the show, but my wife and her family are big fans, and I'm very sensitive to the difficulty of finding an actor who can adequately fill the shoes of someone as distinctive as Don Adams. I mean, that would be like trying to find someone besides Peter Sellers to play Jacques Clouseau.

Maybe it's because I'm a bigger fan of The Office than Get Smart, but I think they've done it in this case by hiring Steve Carell to play Maxwell Smart. He may not be interchangeable with Don Adams, but he's funnier. And at least he's not Matthew Broderick.

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JoeKinski said...

See ... but, much like Sean Connery and Bond, there is Alan Arkin Clouseau stuck in between the Sellers ones. I want to say it comes right after Shot in the Dark (the funniest Panther by far), but I don't remember the time frame ... oddly enough though, right about the time of George Lazenby ... must have been in the water.... Ha!


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