Monday, October 23, 2006

The Last Decent Megaplex

This week's going to be a little wonky, posting-wise. Got another new guy starting at the day job and I get to do the training again. That usually slows me up on blog activity, but we'll see.

In the meantime, Raiders was great last week. The print wasn't awesome, but the movie still is, especially on the Ultrascreen. It's been a while since I'd seen it; I'd forgotten how young Harrison Ford was.

The Marcus theater in Oakdale, Minnesota is my new favorite place to go to see movies. Not only does it have the Ultrascreen, but they also serve Pepsi and pizza at their concession stand. They had me at Pepsi, but any movie place that goes beyond hotdogs and "nachos" with their food choices is thinking in the right direction.

And they've got a good thing going with this older movies on the Ultrascreen deal too. They're going to do it once a month. Not sure if I'll make a point to see Goonies next month, but I'm all over seeing Die Hard on the big screen for Christmas.


West said...

Sounds good, to me. I wouldn't mind seeing THE TRANSFORMERS, and some other stuff, at that size.

Oh yeah. Our local AMC 20 theater allows us to bring in food and beverages from outside the theater. I was pretty surprised by that change in policy.

Michael May said...

"Our local AMC 20 theater allows us to bring in food and beverages from outside the theater."

That's very cool.

Of course, all they'd have to do for me is to lower their prices to a reasonable level. If they sold a cup of pop for a dollar, they'd still make money on it and people would actually buy it from them.

West said...

We probably would, as well. Seems preferable to making an extra stop/lugging foodstuffs to the theater.

Ahh, movie theaters and amusement parks - price gouging at its finest.


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