Friday, July 07, 2006

To Read: Ten Second Staircase

Bookgasm comes through again with another recommendation going on my To Read list. Ten Second Staircase is the latest in a series, so actually there are four books going on the list: this one and the previous Full Dark House, Seventy-Seven Clocks, and The Water Room.

Part of the attraction comes from the fact that I share my last name with one of the series' detectives, but mostly I'm all about the villain of Ten Second Staircase, a "V for Vendetta-style masked, caped rogue" called The Highwayman. It's also a locked-room mystery and I'm a sucker for those, especially ones that get compared to Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie.


Bookgasm said...

And it's a good one. I'm ashamed to say that though I have all four in the series, I still haven't read either FULL DARK HOUSE or SEVENTY-SEVEN CLOCKS. I'd love to get to them immediately, but as the cliché goes ... so many books, so little time.

Michael May said...

Is that ever true. I don't know how you do as many as you do.


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