Thursday, May 18, 2006

I've Got a Bad Feeling About This

Lucas is trying to kill my excitement over the DVD release of the original versions of the first Star Wars trilogy. Not only is he tying them into the Special Editions (which I'd hoped to buy in a fancy box set along with the prequels and be done with it all), but he's also putting some very silly cover art on them. Not only can I not have the whole series collected as nicely as I'd hoped; they're not even going to look good.


Jason Copland said...

Don't worry, MM. Lucas is ALL about the money. You will see a "final" special huge box set type thing as soon as these (and maybe another round of newly packaged releases) have come and gone. He knows people are waiting for the big box set, but he'll continue to milk this cow till its' teats are raw and swollen.

I want the original movies, but I'll wait until he releases them on their own, and not packaged with stuff I already own.

Michael May said...

You give me hope, Jason. I'm gonna wait for that too. :)


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