Friday, August 26, 2005

Art by Art

The incomporably awesome Art Grafunkel is illustrating a story I wrote for him and has posted some concept art from it. Ees so cool.


Jason Copland said...

That's looks super cool! Where is this story going to appear?

Jason Copland said...

Ahhh...... I just followed the link you gave.....d'oh...... ok, here's another question.... how long is the story?

Michael May said...

I'm thinking of putting it together with a couple of other short stories I wrote into sort of a MORTAL COILS-type book.

Michael May said...

Oh, and the story is only about seven or eight pages long, but Jon Caliber is a character I've wanted to do something with for a LONG time, so I'll definitely be doing more with him.


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